Emma Stone Talks Beauty Secrets

Emma Stone Talks Beauty Secrets, Eugenia "Skeeter" Phelan of the acclaimed novel-turned-film, “The Help,” makes unconventional beauty truly stunning. Emma Stone may be the star of the movie, but her hair could be considered her co-star. And like many women, Skeeter doesn't love her hair.

In the film, the relationship between Skeeter and her hair symbolizes how she finds the strength to be true to herself, a journey that actress Emma Stone brings to life.

Stone, who you know from movies such as "Easy A" and "Crazy, Stupid, Love" (and who was just tapped to be a face of Revlon, joining the likes of Halle Berry and Jessica Alba), gives an exclusive interview for YouBeauty, explaining how her character develops confidence with help from strong women in her life. These women ignite Skeeter’s passion for writing, courageously sharing their stories about being housemaids for white families in 1960s Mississippi.

Now that fall is almost here, you’re probably feeling like it’s time to switch up your style a little. Good news: While you might have to rotate your closet to stay on trend, your makeup bag is basically all set. A lot of what you already have on hand (summer powder, your favorite gloss) can be used in new ways to create sexy, updated looks. The trick is to make your products work harder for you — who knew bronzer could double as blush? — and follow the tricks of makeup artists. Here, they share cool tips for getting extra mileage out of what you own for a very sexy effect.

Emma Stone Talks Beauty Secrets

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