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Chinese Beauty Care, 
Chinese medicine considers natural external beauty is a reflection of internal health and welfare. Chinese medicine usually also helps treat acne and other problems. There are some tricks you can do to make your appearance more beautiful and charming.

So that the eyes look brighter. Bright eyes show the vitality of your mind. Whereas if your eyes look bleak foggy then reflect a disturbed mind, weak and often occurs in people who have deep emotional problems. You can consume herbs or foods that are nutritious for the eyes. Foods that are good for the eyes is a dried raspberry and liver of animals.

Bags under the eyes. This condition indicates that the system of kidney deficiency, blood flow is not smooth or allergies. The solution is to increase energy and do not work too much. You should exercise more, find the cause of allergies, get rid of anti-allergenic foods and consume black cohosh, and walnut shells.
Acne. According to ancient Chinese medicine, acne occurs because you are too much exposed to heat, so your face becomes a bubbling volcano hot. To fix this, you should try eating green beans and seaweed. But you should avoid spicy and greasy foods. Try you eat raw vegetables that have been washed clean.

Dry skin. Try to moisten your face with food such as soy, spinach, asparagus, barley, seaweed, apple, orange tangerine, pinenut, persimmon, peanut, pear, honey, oysters and mussels. Use one of those foods that have been crushed and put on your face as a mask.

The hair is white (gray). Can occur for two reasons, namely because the kidney system and the lack of energy your blood heat. To avoid this, you should try the black beans and dried persimmon. Then you mash and apply on your hair. You should do this at night so absorbed in each strand of hair.

Premature aging. Another deficiency of the kidney system then you can treat with walnuts, duck, chicken, ginseng and ang co. Put all ingredients in a saucepan, boil up to 15 minutes and then drink two times a day. Chinese Beauty Care
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