Beauty Secrets of Chinese Women

china gril beauty
Beauty Secrets of Chinese Women is not just from the appearance or makeup. Beauty can also radiate from a healthy soul, correct nutrition and adequate sleep. Holistic beauty that comes from within. Here's the secret of Chinese women's beauty:

Caring Hands and Feet

Chinese women diligently moisten their hands and feet because the members represent the microcosmic body of the entire body. Most important points are in the hands and feet that if the stimulir can bring benefits for the body. Simply by applying a moisturizer on the hands and feet every day and do a light massage.

caring for kidneys
Kidney is a member of the body that filter food and maintain water balance in the body. You will experience a tired, lethargic, bloated and puffy if the kidneys are not working properly. You can take care of your kidneys by reducing salt intake, sufficient sleep and consumption of whole foods rather than processed foods.

treating Liver
Task to ensure the blood stays clean liver. Because the blood responsible for distributing nutrients and oxygen. If the liver can not perform a full blood ascertained by the toxin. As a result of blood will be using the skin as a medium for removing toxins. So to protect your skin should take care of the liver as well by not consuming alcohol and eating processed foods.
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