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Bombing oily fatty foods numerous women were shocked to search out that each pore of his face looks to possess oil within the Shen Zhao, Fenjiataosai on uneven acne shocked to protest, "write "In the face of assorted anti-acne merchandise have are available in handy. However, these are special cosmetic merchandise are hidden behind the wonder lure, in line with Chinese medication Hospital of Foshan town,

Dermatology YANGZHOU POLYTECHNIC Foshan TCM Hospital, said Deputy Chief Physician, Spring pageant, and patient doesn't seem within the women, "Guan Gong," they grow massive areas of facial papules and erythema, attentive to "burning" the skin rather meager shiny, even gentle edema. Medical diagnosis of hormone-dependent dermatitis, a rise of postganglionic this a part of the patient regarding 3 % is estimated with the utilization of cosmetics throughout the Spring pageant.

once inquiry, the doctor found that these patients had facial acne or spots and since of the utilization of "acne cream" and "elimination pox spirit" or freckle cream expertise, that in most skin care merchandise might contain banned substances glucocorticoid hormone dexamethasone.

Well-known Picao Wang, Pi Yan Ping, Fuqing Song cream all contain components of glucocorticoid, the topical short-term use will solely be used for medical functions, it will scale back the capillary permeability, have anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, immune inhibition, anti-proliferation and alternative effects.

From a standard clinical cases of hormone dependent dermatitis, except that some girls confused to the anti-inflammatory steroid cream is antipruritic commonly used as a medication, the additional attributable to their daily consumption pox whitening merchandise containing hormone ingredients.
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