Acne treatment and prevention at home

Acne treatment and prevention at home
Whether you are dealing with an existing case of acne or attempt to prevent future outbreaks, there are some habits that can help control acne:

Use a cleanser acne.
Clear acne cleanser twice a day. Choose a gentle formula, acne skin care products, detergents, which has salicylic acid to kill bacteria that cause stains and dissolve excess oil.

Avoid greasy lotions and cosmetic creams.
Look for lotions and cosmetics that are oil-free and labeled "non-comedogenic" or "nonacnegenic." To cover the light that will not irritate existing acne, go to the Colorescience Let me be clear primer that contains salicylic acid to help clear skin and Dermablend Quick Fix Concealer SPF 30 to hide the imperfections of nature.

clean the makeup before going to bed.
Although it is always important to remove makeup at night before bed, it is important for those who struggle with acne. Use make-up remover lotion gentle as Avene Micellar Cleansing and Make-Up Remover, a hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic, oil-free and alcohol-free.

Wear loose clothing.
Tight clothing causes friction with the skin, which may block the sweat glands and cause acne. If you are struggling with body acne, choose clothes made of material that helps wick sweat and moisture from the skin.

Shower after sweating.
If you struggle with acne on the face or body, it is important to shower after the completion of a work or other activities in promoting perspiration. Use body wash specially formulated Wash Murad Acne Acne, including salicylic acid and other essential ingredients to help control and prevent stains from head to toe.
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