Why Acne?

With acne? Of course you do not even I want its. but you know what is causing your acne diwajah? Here are a few factors affected the cause of your acne.

1. Genetic or heredity factors.

Genetic factors or descent is also the main cause why we are affected by acne facial skin. Therefore, so you might get now is a result of the seed of the father or mother of your genetics. Genetically acne can be derived.

2. Hormonal activity

Hormonal activity here is intended to process changes or hormonal cycles that occur in man. For example, when you have started to mature, you will produce sex hormones (male) or androgens, causing quite a lot of glands (oil glands) and sebaceous (oil glands), which is one cause of acne. During the cycle menstrasi women usually will also occur that can cause hormonal changes in acne.

3. The oil gland is too active (hyperactive sebaceous glands)

Oil glands that are too much one of them caused by wrong eating, or it has become a sufferer of acne genetics.

4. Pile of dead skin cells (accumulation of dead skin cells)

Dead skin that accumulate or accumulate will cause clogged pores and pore follicle that can cause acne because there is no way out for the oil glands and causes formation of blackheads.

5. Bacteria in the pores of skin pores

Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) is a bacteria that causes acne. P. unaerob acnes is a bacteria that causes acne and are often found on the skin pores
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