MIneral Water

Water is the largest part of human body composition. Almost all reactions in the human body needs fluids. In order for the body's metabolism goes well, it takes daily fluid intake to replace fluids lost.

Function of body fluids, among others:

1 - Set temperature
When lack of water, body temperature will be hot and rising.

2 - blood circulation
If our bodies are less liquid, it thickens the blood. This is caused by fluid in the blood is sucked to the needs of the body. This process will affect the performance of the brain and heart.

3 - Removing toxins and waste food
Availability of adequate body fluids can help remove toxins in the body. Water clean up toxins in the body through sweat, urine, and respiratory illnesses.

4 - Skin
Water is very important to organize the structure and function of the skin. Adequacy of water in the body is useful to keep moisture, softness, and elasticity of the skin due to the influence of air temperature outside the body.

5 - Digestion
The role of water in the digestive process to transport nutrients and oxygen through the blood to be delivered to the body's cells. Adequate water consumption will help the digestive system working in the large intestine due to bowel movements become more fluid, so that the feces came out smoothly.

6 - Respiratory
The lungs need water for breathing because the lungs must be moist in the works include oxygen to cells and pumping carbon dioxide out of the body. It can be seen when we breathed on the glass, it will show the liquid form of moisture from exhaled breath on glass.

7 - Joints and muscles
Body fluids to protect and lubricate the movement in the joints and muscles. Body muscles will deflate when the body fluid deficiency. Therefore, the need to drink enough water during exercise to minimize the risk of muscle cramps and fatigue.

8 - Restoration of disease
Water supports the process of recovery when sick because of adequate water intake serves to replace lost body fluids
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