home remedies for wrinkles with tomato

home remedies for wrinkles with tomato
Wrinkles are more than just creases on our faces, they are the mascots of the happy and sad times in our lives. But there is always time for reminiscing, this is not it, this is the time to live and experience

Wrinkles can appear for the consumption of alcohol and snuff , by exposure to the sun or by genetic factors , but especially by the passing years . If you have started to get out wrinkles on the face and want to mitigate and prevent acquiring greater depth , using this anti -aging mask that we show in the following homemade beauty tips and enjoy a divine complexion

juice of tomato is an excellent toner and gives an instant glow to the skin. Most vegetables like cucumber, potatoes and even spinach could be used to enhance skin texture. The powder of pulses like Chana Dal and Green Gram Dal are also effective in getting rid of unwanted hair and are regularly used even on infants.

you can also also apply tomato juice on face to minimize wrinkles. With follow this step

  1. A ripe tomato
  2. 5 to 6 tablespoons plain yogurt
  3. A brush

Steps to follow

1 - Exfoliate your skin as you normally would to remove dead skin cells before using the mask and get well, which is more strongly penetrate the skin. To do this, you can use your usual scrub or make one with natural ingredients using home remedies.
2 - Extract the juice from the tomatoes.
3 - Grab a bowl and mix it tomato juice and yogurt and remuévelos well .
4 - Apply the mixture all over the face with a brush and leave on for about 20 or 30 minutes.
5 - Finally , remove this mask for wrinkles and apply your usual tonic or , if you prefer , a little lemon juice mixed with water to close the pores . You'll have the complexion of a teenager !
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