Kristen Stewart beauty lesson

Kristen Stewart beauty lesson

Kristen Stewart higher called Bella Swan may be a newcomer in Hollywood stunning various folks round the world attributable to outstanding performances within the "Twilight Series". though not the primary film, however his acting in Twilight mega star and build him get success dibisnis Hollywood film.

Kristen Stewart pretty face with a classic vogue, and appears enigmatically makes each lady wish to mimic makeup she wore. you would like to own a pleasant body and pretty as Kristen Stewart, here square measure some beauty secrets of makeup "Bella swan" that you just will follow reception

1. Kristen Stewart uses Burt's Bees Citrus Facial Scrub, to get rid of dead skin cells and helps turn out skin clean & shiny.

2. you'll be able to conjointly use Clinique wet sleek Foundation as Stewart to face a recent glow.

3. Kristen Stewart usual to use alittle classic Of Blusher in Rose shudder on cheek bones to form red cheeks like apples.

4. making the texture of a natural shadow in Matam you'll be able to use Paul & Joe's new Honeysuckle's Shadow (it prices monetary unit nineteen.50), creating the attentionlids eyebrows ore lsampai lightweight then use a darker color to reinforce the form of the eye.

5. Use Bobbi Brown 'Creamy Eye Pencil (cost monetary unit twenty.70) to draw a thick line on the higher and lower lashes and so Smudger to form it soft.

6. Use mackintosh war paint (cost monetary unit 23) unyuk build eyebrows like Kristen Stewart.

7. Use a soft shiny ointment with natural end and color Quench Balm Carlin (cost monetary unit 19).

8. Lash makeup (cost monetary unit 11) to form the result of eye line.

9. to form red lips, she used Nars Lipstick in Heat Semi Natte Wave (cost monetary unit seventeen.50)

Kristen likes to eat steamed fish to keep up a lean body frame. Fruits and vegetables build her healthy. He conjointly did his dance to alleviate stress and weight.

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