CPAP aromatherapy review

Pur-Sleep Aromatherapy associated instrumentality desensitisation for CPAP Machines is actually an innovative resolution for a typical CPAP downside. we tend to square measure excited to possess this product out there for our CPAP users.

From the manufacturer: The Pur-Sleep System offers a amazingly easy and effective thanks to assist you get accustomed CPAP instrumentality additional quickly. Nothing brings concerning feelings of calm, comfort, and relaxation higher or quicker than sensible smells. Our product gently scents the air along with your favorite smells because the air is drawn into your CPAP. It’s absolutely compatible with every type of positive airway pressure instrumentality. Imagine closing your eyes and feeling your CPAP frustrations soften away as you experience the sunshine scent of orange and clove, peppermint and lime, or authentic French lavender!

By focusing your attention on associate aroma that you simply realize pleasant, rather than the additional negative sensory input from your CPAP instrumentality, your brain will use this “cognitive distraction,” (meaning that the aware attention will specialise in only 1 factor at a time) to induce you over the initial amount of adjustment, permitting you to additional simply expertise the tremendous advantages of CPAP medical care. while not the Pur-Sleep System, your sense of smell may fit against your medical care. Plastic CPAP parts usually emit a minor, however noticeable, levels of volatile organic compounds like vinyl chloride (the “shower curtain” or “new car” smell), identified chemo sensory irritants whether or not or not you’re responsive to their presence. this might cause discomfort particularly for patients victimisation newly-manufactured instrumentality. The Pur-Sleep System substitutes pleasant scents for chemical odors, golf stroke your nose to figure for you, not against you.

CPAP aromatherapy
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