RDS Medical

RDS Medical compound pharmacy is a full service company that specializes in custom pharmaceutical composition of steroid injections, bio-identical hormones and anti-aging medicine for men and women. As part of a pharmaceutical composition alone, we have a state of the art compounding laboratory, the quality of medicinal substances and sterile guarantees.

Doctors have trusted us compounding pharmacies since 1984 to cap the highest quality products to supply. We offer services for physician offices, surgery centers and hospitals with products ranging from sterile inject able adaptable to hormone replacement therapy. RDS is also the first and only company to offer pharmaceutical and medical supplies in bulk. Custom composition RDS clients can receive discounts on all deliveries of the infusion. What is a pharmacy? Click here for more information on RDS Medical aggravate the pharmacy!

Why work with personalized medicine?

Our innovative compounding pharmacy work closely with doctors and offer solutions to the problems of drug consumption, trade problems of availability of medicines, doctors and other challenges to improve patient care. Many patients also have allergic sensitivities that preparations without preservatives or dyes Fri require. RDS also helps to educate the medical community anti-aging medicine. Perhaps the main reason for patients and pharmaceutical composition for endless possibilities, with the finite against the traditional medical treatment to offer.

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