Decorative Lights

A space will look more beautiful and pleasant to the eye if it has the interior design layout right. In addition to the position of the sofa, desk and closet. One that we should not forget is the layout of decorative lights to beautify the room to look more elegant. 

1. Lamp as the main lighting The lamp lights the room is the main source (other than sunlight at noon) or general lighting. These lights are usually laid in the middle ceiling space and has a large enough light power. In order for equitable distribution of light, point light sources can be divided into several points, especially if the room is big enough.

2. Lighting as a supporter of activities in space This lamp lights such as reading or working lights which are usually placed on a table, hung in the sky-the sky, placed above the floor (standing lamp / Wood Lamps) or stick to the wall. For light work, you should select which has a fairly bright light and preferably emit light direction can be adjusted according to job requirements.
3. As an ornamental lamp or lamp room decoration This lamp functions to decorate the room and give home accents according to the theme you want to display. Current models are very varied Crafts Lamps of various sizes.
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